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Ted Saskin signs $10 million contract as NHLPA chief

Bob Goodenow led the NHLPA through the 1990s and was well paid for his successful efforts to increase player salaries. His second in command Ted Saskin, was appointed hier apparent by Goodenow and has now been confrimed as head of the players union. His appointment was made official last week during a vote of the NHL team player reps and he has signed a whopping 5 year, $10 million contract. Though his final confirmation passed 29-6, there seems to be much internal strife as many members of the union are not too pleased with the nomination process. Bob Goodenow had earned an annual salary of about $2.5-million which is what Saskin was offerred, but the new head wanted a 24% rollback on his salary, the same pay cut the players agreed to take under the league's new collective bargaining agreement.

The voting process was held in a conference call on Wednesday of last week and the initial vote was tied 17-17 with one absentiesm. The discussion on the call continued with some player reps voicing their concerns over the lack of proper process being followed during Saskin's nomination. There was also some constination about the vote not being secret, as required by the NHLPA rules. Its constitution states that, "The executive director shall be nominated by the executive board and elected by secret ballot vote of the majority of the members of the executive board, and shall serve for such period as the executive board determines." Among those not too happy with the process was Bryan McCabe, player rep of the Toronto Maple Leafs. McCabe voiced his disappoinment that the lack of communication which occurred during the CBA negotiations had followed into the nomination process for the union leader. "We weren't allowed to vote on that (in December). Now they do want my vote and I couldn't even discuss the situation with the 30 guys in our dressing room," McCabe said.

But at the end, it seems that everyone (including Bryan McCabe) are just tired of the long wait and just wish to get back to playing, watching and enjoying NHL hockey.
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