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Dean Mayrand wins top hockey enforcer title

Toronto native Dean Mayrand defeated Mike Sgroi of Windsor, Ontario in front of about 2,000 spectators huddled in the CN Centre in Prince George, British Columbia and an unknown number of pay-per-view customers in the first "Battle of the Hockey Enforcers". The contest was promoted as a gladiator type of event that would see hockey goons go toe-to-toe on the ice, in full equipment. The event also featured ex-NHLers Link Gaetz and Lydon Byers. Gaetz was favoured to win the event, but went down twice early on and didn't make it past his first fight.

The people in the stands also seemed to have gotten into the mix of things. In the end, a few fights erupted in the stands among highly stoked fans and police were called in at one point to quell the rowdy fans. Many fans that made it out to the event felt that the event got repetitive fast. It was clear that the fans missed the actual hockey that is usually the majority of the customer experience with the in-context fights thrown in the mix. Promoter Darryl Wolski has indicated that a follow on event would take place in May 2006 and he plans to make this a twice per year event held every May and August.
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