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Brian Burke's CBA proposal

This is the proposal Brian Burke made during the World Cup Hockey finals, last week.

1. Phase in agreement over two years

2. Commit to a 12-year contract

3. Escrow:

- Seven per cent of player payroll
- Ten per cent of designated hockey revenue (DHR)
- Arena construction fund

4. Agree to share revenues of $200 million with $75 million coming from playoff pool

5. Avoid luxury tax by establishing a payroll threshold at $38 million and payroll minimum of $33 million

6. Set overage fees at:

1st million = $0.50 on the dollar
2nd million = $1 per dollar
3rd million = $2 per dollar
4th million = $3 per dollar
5th million or more = $5 per dollar

7. Reward good business behaviour by charging fees to repeat offenders

8. Guarantee players 55 per cent of DHR

9. Build trust with joint audit controls:

1st offence = $1 million fine
2nd offence = $5 million fine

10. Establish four-year entry-level system with a maximum $250,000 in rookie bonuses

11. Allow unrestricted free agency at age 29

12. Amend qualifying offers to restricted free agents:

- The team with the rights to a player only has to match 75 per cent of the offer from another team to players over 26 years old
- 50 per cent for players 26 years old and under

13. Reduce regular-season games to 70 from 82

14. Revise salary arbitration by:

- Adopting baseball's hi/low system
- Allowing clubs to bring a player to arbitration
- Permitting a team or player to file only once every 3 years

15. Set a drop-dead date for player signings

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