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Making the Cut debuts on CBC

I am not a huge reality TV fan, actually I don't watch any of the shows. But one show caught my attention and I made sure to spend two hours this morning to watch CBC's latest entry in the reatlity TV universe - "Making the Cut". As you can guess, this reality TV show is about an opportunity for regular guys and girls to make it to the NHL. Big hockey names like Mike Keenan and Scotty Bowman are involved with the "Making the Cut" as coaches, along with Jack Birch as the general manager. The first episode was a 2 hour show going over the initial tryouts that took place in Hailifax, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Winnepeg, Calgary and Vancouver.

As part of the show they tried out thousands of hockey players and then trimmed their roster down to 68, who would make it to a training camp in British Columbia. The first episode was really well done in terms of telling some stories about the players, their emotions when they were selected or rejected and most importantly, showing that there are tens of thousands of Canadians who just love the game of hockey. They play in their driveways, on outdoor rinks and in organized leagues - but at one time or the other, they have all dreamed about playing in the National Hockey League.

I think "Making the Cut" will do a really good job showing the passion and love Canadians have for hockey. From the little sneak peak of future episodes, it will also show that pro-hockey is a lot of hard work and only the best make it.
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JohnTR wrote:

I watched Making the Cut yesterday and thought it was a pretty cool show. Every Canadian kid dreams of playing in the National Hockey League so it should do well in Canada, especially since we won't have any NHL hockey for a while.
09/29/04 16:06:05

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