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NHL owners lockout players

As expected, the National Hockey League owners and board of governors decided to lock out the players as their collective bargaining agreement expired on Sept 15, 2004. NHL commissioner Gary Bettman announced the lockout in New York and reiterated the ownership's position for the need of cost certainly (salary cap). The NHLPA's Bob Goodenow did not waste much time in rejecting the notion of a salary cap and exalted the virtues of a "free market" system. In other words, both sides have been talking for about a year and a half and have been unable to come to any kind of a compromise/understanding on the very key issue of player salaries.

As these two groups continue to posture for a pie of the $2+ billion in yearly revenues, the first victims are much closer to the average fan (salary wise). Over one hundred employees at the league's corporate communications, special events and marketing departments in New York, Toronto and Montreal will be out of work next week. There are also thousands of workers and businesses that operate in and around the league arenas, who will lose business as the arenas stay dark.

Finally there are the hockey fans - people who buy the tickets, the jerseys, the hats, the pay per view packages, the concessions at the arenas, etc. The fans, whose support is key for the game, have always been taken for granted by both the players and the owners. The NHLPA and the owners should put some thought into how the fans may be alienated by this strike. In today's universe with access to multiple streams of entertainment, it is possible that people will find other ways to spend their money. When sometime in the future the NHL comes back from this work stoppage, it may find that these fans have found better things to do with their time and money.

Squandering these fans would be a lose-lose situation for both the players and the NHL owners.
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Mikey wrote:

Does anyone have the recommendations Brian Burke made during the World Cup Hockey finals? I kinda remember them (already had a couple of pops by then) being reasonable.
09/23/04 08:55:16

HockeyCritic wrote:

Here you go...
09/23/04 20:47:33

sadnhlfan wrote:

Sick and tired of the owners whining about the players? Want them to end this stupid lockout?
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10/11/04 21:02:55

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