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Florida Panthers shuffle their front office

Mike Keenan has that uncanny ability to find his way back with an NHL team every few years. But returning to a team he was fired from about a year ago raises a few eyebrows. The Florida Panthers fired Rick Dudley from the GM post and hired ex-coach Mike Keenan to the position. Followed with this (re)hiring was the announcement of Jacques Martin as coach of the team. There is a lot of speculation that Keenan's firing last year was likely part of a power struggle and that he can probably thank his good friend Jacques Martin for bringing him back to Miami.

Speculation is that Martin might have pushed for Keenan to be the GM in his meetings with the Panthers owner Alan Cohen. That would probably be a first...a coach picking his GM!
posted at 20:02:34 on 05/26/04 by HockeyCritic - Category: Hockey Talk


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