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Will the NHL return to Hartford?

If the Pittsburgh Penguins are put up on the block, ex-Pens owner Howard Baldwin will be on the shortlist of interested parties. And his preferred location for the Pens would be Hartford, Conn. Most hockey fans know that Hartford is no stranger to hockey, long the home of the WHL and NHL's Whalers. The Whalers packed up and moved to Raleigh, NC in 1997. So one has to question whether a National Hockey League team can be supported in Hartford. If the Penguins do end up leaving Pittsburgh in 2007, Kansas City and Houston would also be in the running for the franchise.

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steve wrote:

Hartford can support the NHL. When the Whalers were in Hartford in 1997, they had more individual season tickets (>9000) than any other NHL team. Don't forget, they were a bad team for a long time. Connecticut also has the highest per capital income in the nation and more disposable income.
05/28/04 23:14:53

Dan Greenbleeder wrote:

Yes, I will bleed green forever. Please bring the NHL back to where it belongs rather than penalize Hartford for the dumb acts of the greedy incestual owners who should die long painful deaths.
06/13/04 17:25:38

Fred Mangini wrote:

Mark my words, the NHL will be back in Hartford. It will be a model franchise, just as the Wild are now.
06/18/04 12:51:28

J Gunnip wrote:

while Hartford is surely more deserving of an NHL team than at least 10 other (sunbelt) US cities, there's still no place on the continent that deserves a shot more than Hamilton, ON.
07/09/04 21:07:54

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