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NHL throws the book at Todd Bertuzzi

By now just about everyone has seen the horrific attack by Canucks forward Todd Bertuzzi on Steve Moore. Today, the National Hockey League suspended Todd Bertuzzi until the beginning of next season, at which time they will re-evaluate his status. In my opinion this is one of the worse attacks on the ice - comparable to Eddie Shore's hit from behind that ended Ace Bailey's career in 1933. This incident should force the league, the players and fans to review their attitude towards the game and bring it in line with what a "proffesional sport" is supposed to represent.

Having been a long time hockey fan, I had learned to appreciate a notion that players should take care of and handle business on the ice. This usually led to a tussle or two on the ice with two willing combatants. But the incident with Bertuzzi and the earlier brawl filled game between the Senators and Flyers has got me thinking. Are hockey players capable of "handling business" on the ice? We know that hockey is an emotionally charged game so what happens when someone goes off the deep end and severely injures another human being (player)? In recent years we have seen scores of vicious high sticks, cross checks and a spate of concussions ravage the NHL and it is about time the league handled some of these most serious issues with the game:

- First, the league needs to REALLY crack down on stick infractions. If you use your stick for anything but to handle/shoot/pass the puck - you get a penalty. Hooking and slashing - 2 minutes; high sticking 4 minutes; irresponsible use of the stick - 5 minutes and a game misconduct; intent to injure with a stick - 5 minutes, a game misconduct and 2 games (increasing x2 for every subsequent infraction in a season). It is time to tell the players that the stick is not a weapon.

- Second, there needs to be a real push to protect players from head injuries. All helmets must be safety approved and players may not remove any padding/parts from the helmets and they should form fit with a working chin strap. Any blows to the head in the form of elbows, cross-checks, high sticks, etc should lead to a 5 minute major, game misconduct and a 1 game suspension. More serious occurances like the Suter cross-check on Kariya being handled much more serverely.

- Third, it is time for the league to take a second look at fighting. The other major sports also play with emotions and once in a while things spill over and there are fights in basketball, football and baseball. But these leagues have much tougher penalties and as a results these incidents are few and far between. Maybe hockey needs to move on to the 21st century.
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BC-Bob wrote:

What Bertuzzi did was absolutely disgusting. I have no problems with the suspension handed to him and I am glad that the Canucks organization was also help accountable. The way that they put a price on Steve Moore's head was shameful, the coaching staff and the players need to pull their heads out of the a$$es. Hockey fans are getting sick and tired of this thuggery.
03/12/04 12:18:42

Oliver Macmillan-Bell wrote:

BC-Bob is right it was very wrong of Todd Bertuzzi to attack Steve Moore by going at his head. But I think only Bertuzzi should have been held accountable it was himself that led him to his temptation.
03/15/04 14:08:47

HockeyCritic wrote:

IMO the fine levied on the Canucks is proof that the NHL screwed up when the initial incident happenned. They should have fined/suspended the players/personnel who made the public comments about getting Moore at a later date. You should not be able to put a bounty on a player's head and not face any consequences.

Once again this is just the NHL trying to react.
03/15/04 21:47:12

dan wrote:

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03/21/04 23:48:55

Seomore Butts wrote:

I totally agree with this article. I believe Bertuzzi should face criminal charges.
03/30/04 08:06:58

samantha wrote:

i do not think bertuzzi or his team deserved what they got no one meant to severly hurt Moore it was an accident that moore broke his neck but still every body makes mistakes at one time or another and just because bertuzzi is rough and plays hockey they are taking it more seriously which i do not think is fair. it is true that the canucks planned to hit moore but is was not intentional for moore to get hurt but he did and that is not fair that the rest of tyhe team was punished for bertuzzi's mistake and i don't think bertuzzi should loose his career over it why because you need to be aware of all the risks in hockey when you start to play especially in the nhl you are in for injuries, pain and a lot more so learn how to deal with it or don't pat and i think moore should of been hit back because of what he did to naslaund i don't think he deserved to get his neck broke but o well i guess he is not the omly one who has been severly injured inthe nhl so he should learn to suck it of like the resst of the players plus part of moore's neck was probably broken by the rest of the colorado team jumping on him sooooooooo they really shouldn't punish bertuzzi or make him loose his career or half his salary he is a very good player and deserves a second chance
05/28/04 10:35:45

justin wrote:

If you cant take the pain dont play yhe game, hockey is a sport that requires a lot of skill, patients and of course self control, but what Todd Bertuzzi did was abviosly all Todds fault I mean of course what Todd did was wrong but he is the only one who is getting the finger pointed at. It was noy all Todds fault I mean there were some Colorado players that jumped on Bertuzzi for christ sake just because the team is getting a 25000$ fine for the attack because they planed it in the dressing room and they said"if you get a chance hit Moore take your chance even if you get a penelty do what ever you can to avenge Naslands injury
05/28/04 10:37:50

Mike wrote:

Hockey is a game of skill on the ice, with the pre-game hype being the bantering back and forth between players and coaches,off the ice. Today this is part of the hockey game. By no means do I agree with cheap shots, sucker punches, hitting from behind. It seems with the type of equipment today, ie, hard plastic armour, it is easy to give a guy a concussion. Just ask Scott Stevens, a real pro at lowering his shoulder and driving it up under someones chin knocking the guy unconscious. There is so much happening on the ice today because of poor decisions made by the NHL executive to bring more money into the game. That a players life expectancy in the NHL is about 4 - 5 years. For the rest of their lives, all sports players live with poor knees, bad backs, no teeth, severe head injuries all for our entertainment. Kinda reminds me of Roman times with the Gladiators.
Steve Moore suffered a very bad injury from a revenge hit from one of my favourite players, who may never play the game again. Did Steve Moore deserve this, NO!!! At the same time you can argue the hit he did on Naslund, which we later found out Naslund, suffered more than a concussion but a shoulder injury as well which effected him the rest of the season.
Steve Moores injury could have been prevented if the Canucks sent one of their players to deal with this matter right then and there. Good ole 1 on 1 fist fight. Boom its over no more revenge no more cheap shots. But wait, you leave the bench, 10 games, you start a fight, 5 fighting, 10 misconduct and at least the next game. You forfeit your wages as well. Get rid of this stupid rule, bring back the enforcers let the players handle it themselves the way they always have. There are too many back stabbers and players with lousy attitudes in the NHL from all over the world. Hockey is being destroyed by the American media, NHL Executive, and the whimps down south who don't understand what a red line is for. If we cannot put a good product on the ice then allow the teams to fold and bring the skill level up.
American media wrote over and over, Steve Moore has a broken neck when in truth he has a broken tranverse process in the cervical region. Look it up and it will tell you the spinous process you feel on your back are these bones.
Steve Moore will be on the ice next year. But if he isn't then Mr. Bertuzzi should set the pressident of being suspended until he returns. All severe injuries should be dealt this way. You hurt a player, you are out for as long as he is. You forfeit your salary to the team who has lost that particular players services. End of story.
Thank you
06/23/04 12:54:30

HockeyCritic wrote:

More news here;
06/26/04 10:22:55

kenny wrote:

I too think what Tod did was wrong as we all do . But get real there was no intent to injure! Who knew that Moore would go down like a limp dish rag.It's the cheap shots that cause other cheap shots in return. If moore didn't want to go then the Aves should have sent someone in that would,maybe someone like Worrell with 179 pim.I grew up watching our game,let the enforcers go. No one headhunted the GREAT ONE, but then again how many cheap shots did you ever see him dish out.
09/10/04 20:22:40

david potter wrote:

I think that Todd didn't break steve Moore's neck what caused it was all the players jumping on the two players
11/16/04 16:20:01

HockeyCritic wrote:

There are some that will argue that his Avs teammate jumping on Moore prevented Bertuzzi from landing additional blows - something that could have been fatal.

Either way here's an update:
12/23/04 11:08:26

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