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Officiating in the NHL

For the 80+ years that the NHL has been around, there have always been complaints about the refereeing. It is a given that hockey is a fast moving game and referees are human, but the quality of the officiating is leaving a lot to be desired. Since the 2 referee system was installed, a lot of inexperienced officials have been pushed to the NHL before they were probably ready. The NHL either needs to keep an officiating crew together, much like baseball, or it needs to go back to the one referee so that we can get some consistency.

posted at 18:35:14 on 01/19/04 by HockeyCritic - Category: Hockey Talk


Ekaine Reid wrote:

I am so mad at the officiating on the Canuck games. I'm watchig the Van / Det game right now and AGAIN there is a huge difference between the calls for and against the Canucks. Tiny little things like Celios falling down after running into Fedor Fedorov after he came out of the penalty box was called AGAINST the Canucks. Those officials need glasses. It has happened over and over all season and I'm tired of it. Are these officials Americans that favor the American teams like the Olympic women's gold medal game. I have been paying attention to this all year and that is what happens. You had better have a talk to those officials and straighten them out. All calls should be equal to both teams. Have tv review of penalties to make them fair if you need to, but the officials should NOT be deciding the outcome of the games.
03/05/04 21:07:07

Oliver Macmillan-Bell wrote:

I think that the system now is fine but the refs do need to go over the rule book a few more times and try to make all the games seem fair to the players and the fans. I was watching the Caps/ranger game saw Doig completely destroy Eric Lindros which was called as a minor but should have been a major, it also lead to Lindros getting a concussion and being not able to play for the rest of the season.
03/15/04 14:21:32

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