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Canada's buzzing over the Heritage Hockey Classic

The long awaited Heritage Hockey Classic should go as planned tomorrow at the Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton, Alberta, though the temperature might be a problem if it falls below -10C. I watched some highlights of the practice from today and let me tell ya, the Montreal Canadiens alumni are going to be in tough with some of the Oilers (Messier & Coffey) who looked pretty good.

Surprisingly, Wayne Gretzky didn't really have a chance to really shine in the game. For those who wonder why no one else though of this before...well, the Michigan State Spartans did and held a monumental outdoor game last year, drawing over 75,000 fans in East Lansing. You'd have enjoyed it if you were a Mystery Alaska fan. :)

If there is one thing worries me its that the rest of the NHL does not start copying this as a convinient cash grab. The Oilers and Canadiens gave us the last two dominating NHL dynasties, but I wouldn't care much for the Maple Leafs playing the Sabres or Predators at Skydome. Having said that, Rangers and Islanders in Central Park or the Leafs and Senators on the Rideau Canal...bring it on!
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HockeyCritic wrote:

Here's an interesting snippet from USA Today (;

"Fans certainly aren't scared off by the expected cold. Scalpers, through eBay and on the streets of Edmonton, were getting $300 to $1,000 Canadian ($230 to $766 U.S.) for tickets. The face value is $60 to $135 ($46 to $103 U.S.)."

11/21/03 23:30:15

HockeyCritic wrote:

The Megastars game ended with a 2-0 victory for the Oilers. The real stars of the game weren't Gretzky, Messier or Lafleur but the Oiler goalies Grant Fuhr and Bill Ranford. They made some key saves as the Oilers were badly outshot by the Habs. Temperature at the opening faceoff was a frosty -19 deg C!
11/22/03 18:16:16

Todd wrote:

The game in itself wasn't much to write home about. It was definitely too cold...the ice was chippy and the puck was bouncing around.
11/27/03 17:18:06

pjmacdougall wrote:

I thought that they should have cleaned the ice for the old timers game n between periods. In all reality those people who spent a thousand dollars on tickets, spent it to see Gretzky and Lafleur not Salo and Koivu. Other than that I thought it was awsome. Once again thank you Wayne.
12/08/03 13:11:52

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