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Messier surpasses Gordie Howe

In a game against the Dallas Stars this week, Mark Messier surpassed Gordie Howe to move into second place in all-time NHL scoring (he is still about a thousand points behind Wayne Gretzky). Even though the two played in very different eras, the comparisons have begun. Mark Messier has made a huge contribution to hockey and is often regarded as a consumate leader having won 6 Stanley Cup championships. Gordie Howe won 4 Stanley Cups with the Detroit Red Wings and 2 Avco Cups while playing in the WHA. Though Howe was probably more of a fighter than Messier, both could score and handle the physical side of hockey. An interesting comaprison.

posted at 21:04:48 on 11/07/03 by HockeyCritic - Category: Hockey Talk


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