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Maple Leaf Gardens - Taking care of all your grocery needs!

The historic Maple Leaf Gardens has been sold to a division of Loblaws, a leading grocery chain in Canada. And yes, it will be converted to a grocery store along with other retail outlets in a couple of years. The Loblaws press release mentioned that they would continue to maintain the rich Toronto Maple Leafs history within the building.

I don't know about this...wouldn't it just be much easier to just level the building and build whatever is needed? How did Montreal, Boston and Chicago handle their old arenas when new facilities were built?

posted at 20:19:59 on 10/22/03 by HockeyCritic - Category: Business of Hockey


Dave wrote:

Why don't they just put the wrecking ball to it? I wonder how much they will charge to buy eggs and milk at this store; its time to either preserve Maple Leafs Gardens or get rid of it.
10/23/03 11:50:29

PJ wrote:

Boston and Chicago paid there respects to the old buildings and then down they went.

The ML Gardens turned into a grocery store reminds me of California Billards. A 60 pool table building with 10 billards tables and 3 stadium billards tables turned into a Safeway.
11/02/03 19:12:15

HockeyCritic wrote:

In my opinion if they aren't going to use the ice surface at Maple Leaf Gardens or if it doesn't become a museum of some sort, tear it down and build something new.

How are you going to run a grocery store in the middle of downtown Toronto with only paid parking? Who's going to pay $5 in parking so that they could pick up a few odds and ends? Now I heard that they might add parking, but that just seems too much of a hassle.
11/07/03 21:11:49

brandon wrote:

bottom line..the bulding should stay intact..move the hockey hall of fame there maybe..i dont know..but its historic..part of canada..shouldnt get torn down or turned into a stupid grocery store.
11/13/03 01:40:52

HockeyCritic wrote:

The Hockey Hall of Fame moving there would be the perfect solution. But from what I know, they are quite content with their current location, including the rent they pay ($1).
11/14/03 13:27:50

HockeyCritic wrote:

The latest new reports are saying the Loblaws has decided to withdraw its purchase of Maple Leaf Gardens. Apparently it was going to cost a lot more to refurbish the arena into a grocery store and so the company decided to take a pass.
12/24/03 00:09:50

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