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Maple Leafs cancel Easter Seal skate

The Toronto Maple Leafs say the cost of staging the Easter Seal skate was too high for the amount of money raised. So they decided to cancel the event and instead make a donation to the charity. As expected, the reaction in the Toronto area has been nothing short of disgust - "...spoiled millionaires dump charity, prefer to write check instead of skating with disabled kids...", seems to be a common reaction in letters to the editors, on talk radio, etc.

On the surface it certainly seems to be a harsh move. The Maple Leafs have held this annual event for over 20 years, as a forum to interact with the local community. But it seems that the cost of attracting participants to the event and raising money has grown over the years. In a report, the Globe and Mail asserted that they were spending 41 cents for every dollar raised. Another view put forth was that the event had turned into an 'autograph session', with the players standing around and not really skating with the kids. Since the Leafs will continue to make a donation, one would hope that the players would take it upon themselves to increase their interaction with the community.
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HockeyCritic wrote:

Well, it looks like the Leafs have done an about face and reinstated the Easter Seal skate. The current PR spin is that it will be a bigger and better event...lets hope so.
11/21/03 23:07:40

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