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The Tie Domi Saga

It all began about a week or so ago. Tie Domi held a big news conference to announce his retirement from professional hockey and a move behind the camera with the Canadian sports television station, TSN. But now Domi continues to find himself in the spotlight, airing out some dirty laundry with a public divorce. The plot thickened as the public received confirmation that Domi has been having an affair with Liberal party MPP (and former Conservative) Belinda Stronach. This info was revealed as Domi's wife, Leanne, included Belinda Stronach's name in the divorce papers. For a hockey goon who got little media attention, except for when he did something dumb (like the Scott Neidermayer or Philadelphia fan incidents), Domi has gotten more newspaper and talk radio play than he'd probably care for. He can't blame them though...cause he is part of the same media guild!

posted at 21:02:45 on 09/26/06 by HockeyCritic - Category: Hockey Talk


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