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Former NHL'er alleges widespread steroid use in the NHL

Former NHL tough guy Andrei Nazarov said in an interview with a Russian newpaper that drug use is rampant in the NHL, espcecially within the enforcers. He also railed on the league for having a very ineffective drug testing policy. These comments come after WAPDA chief Dick Pound made waves with his allegations last year and the near miraculous record the NHL put forth in its first year with drug testing - zero positive tests. The league was quick to rebuke Nazarov's comments and came back with its usual "everything's under control here" attitude.

In the interview with Sport-Express Nazarov said, "As far as I know, 99 per cent of the cops [enforcers] are on steroids. It has always been a problem for the young heavyweights: You have the boxing technique, the energy, but you lack the mass. The easiest way to get heavier is to use special chemicals." Though it would be hard to put a figure on the number of juiced NHLers, I think we can be pretty sure that it isn't 0% as the NHL would want us to believe and not as high as Nazarov says (though he is only talking about enforcers).

But the common NHL fan has to be scratching his/her head thinking that it is highly likely that the actual number is somewhere in between and that is bad news for the NHL. A league that has gone with the false "propaganda" that steroids couldn't possibly help NHLers who require speed and skill is likely to find egg on its face as steroids seem to be very prominant in just about every other sport. When baseball pitchers are being tested positive for performance enhancing druges and charged by federal authorities in the US, you know that a hockey defenseman is just as likely to be using some "chemical help".
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