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Owen Nolan close to returning

Owen Nolan hasn't played a game this season is still mired in a dispute with the Toronto Maple Leafs regarding a knee injury from the 2003-04 season. But reports indicate that he is close to completing his rehab and could sign with an NHL team. So far, the San Jose Sharks are supposed to be near the top of Nolan's list. He has a house and business (a restaurant) in the area and played for the Sharks from 1995-2003. With the recent addition of Joe Thornton, Nolan could find himself in a very good sitation to shine offensively.

Other teams that are rumoured to be in the running for Nolan's services include the Ottawa Senators. The Sens could use a veteran power forward on their already offensively stacked lineup. Nolan may have an additional motivation to go with the Eastern Conference powerhouse as he would have more of an opportunity to go up against his former team, the Maple Leafs.
posted at 15:51:27 on 01/15/06 by HockeyCritic - Category: Trades & Rumours


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