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Larry Robinson steps down as Devils coach

The New Jersey Devils haven't been the dominating team that won 2 Stanley Cups over the last decade. Yesterday their head coach Larry Robinson stepped down and was replaced by current general manager Lou Lamoriello. Robinson resigned from his position on Monday because of stress and "horrible headaches," two days after his team lost for the seventh time in nine games. He is a Hall of Fame defenseman who lead the Devils to a Stanley Cup victory in 2000 and returned to the team this summer, when Pat Burns was unable to return due to his ongoing battle with Colon Cancer.

Robinson's resignation took the Devils players and their GM by surprise. But Robinson's health problems were worrying and many believe that the 54 year old made the right decision. The last few months have seen several pro-players and coaches suffer from serious heart illnesses which are often related to their highly stressfull and physically demanding jobs. "This is not malicious," Robinson said this morning, "Maybe it's selfish on my part. I still think I can coach, I just think that at this stage of my life ... nothing is worth being sick over."
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