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21 November

Dynamo Moscow wants Ovechkin back

And can you blame them? Even though Sidney Crosby stole much of the spotlight over the last couple of years and in the early parts of this season, one could easily make the case that Alexander Ovechkin has been the best NHL rookie so far this season. Now his old Russian team, Dynamo Moscow, wants a U.S. court to enforce a Russian arbitrator's ruling that it still owns the rights to the first overall pick from the 2004 NHL draft. This summer, Ovechkin met a deadline to opt out of his 2005-06 contract with another Russian club, Avangard Omsk. This meant he could play with the Washington Capitals of the NHL. But his previous Russian club, Dynamo Moscow, says that it has the rights to the 20 year old phenom because it matched Avangard Omsk's offer to Ovechkin but without an opt-out clause. [Read More!]
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