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22 May

Will the NHL return to Hartford?

If the Pittsburgh Penguins are put up on the block, ex-Pens owner Howard Baldwin will be on the shortlist of interested parties. And his preferred location for the Pens would be Hartford, Conn. Most hockey fans know that Hartford is no stranger to hockey, long the home of the WHL and NHL's Whalers. The Whalers packed up and moved to Raleigh, NC in 1997. So one has to question whether a National Hockey League team can be supported in Hartford. If the Penguins do end up leaving Pittsburgh in 2007, Kansas City and Houston would also be in the running for the franchise.
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19 May

NHL's new TV deal. Hockey on thin ice?

The National Hockey League agreed with NBC on a two year television deal. The move comes as the NHL's existing contract with ABC expires in a few weeks and from the looks of it, the league has taken a hair cut when it comes to revenues. The NBC deal includes no upfront guaranteed payments and is solely based on profit sharing. As part of the deal, NBC would first recouperate its production costs and only then would advertising revenues be shared between the network and NHL. It is theoretically possible that the NHL will end up with no money from the airing of its games on NBC. [Read More!]
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