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25 November

NHL "Pound-ed" with doping allegations

Dick Pound, head of the World Anti-Doping Agency, made comments suggesting that 30% of NHL players were using some sort of a performance enchnacing substance. Pound's agency oversees anti-doping rules for amateur athletics at the Olympic level and he was speaking with the press after an engagement at the University of Western, in London, Ontario. He said, "I spoke with Gary (NHL commissioner Gary Bettman) and he said 'We don't have the problem in hockey I told him he does. You wouldn't be far wrong if you said a third (of hockey players are gaining some pharmaceutical assistance).'' [Read More!]
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19 November

Steve Yzerman not too impressed with the new NHL

Even as many fans seem to be enjoying the increased offensive play in the "new NHL", veteran Red Wing great Steve Yzerman is far from impressed. He made his displeasure known in an interview with the Detroit Free Press. Stevie Y believes that referees should use better judgment when calling penalties. "Everybody keeps saying this is great. It's not great," Yzerman told the Free Press. "It's not hockey. Good referees used to have good judgment. Now they've taken that out of the game. I'm not saying I'm blaming the referees for it, I just feel the whole thing has to be adjusted and they have to look at this seriously. They can't continue to call irrelevant things that have no business being called." [Read More!]
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