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29 August

Dean Mayrand wins top hockey enforcer title

Toronto native Dean Mayrand defeated Mike Sgroi of Windsor, Ontario in front of about 2,000 spectators huddled in the CN Centre in Prince George, British Columbia and an unknown number of pay-per-view customers in the first "Battle of the Hockey Enforcers". The contest was promoted as a gladiator type of event that would see hockey goons go toe-to-toe on the ice, in full equipment. The event also featured ex-NHLers Link Gaetz and Lydon Byers. Gaetz was favoured to win the event, but went down twice early on and didn't make it past his first fight. [Read More!]
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09 August

Todd Bertuzzi re-instated

Just as Wayne Gretzky was making news in Arizona, NHL commisioner Gary Bettman announced the re-instatement of Vancouver Canucks forward Todd Bertuzzi in a low key press release. Bertuzzi was suspended by the league in March 2003 for his vicious attack on then Colorado Avalanche forward Steve Moore. His suspension lasted the final 13 regular-season games of the 2003-04 season and 7 games from the playoffs. He continued to sit out throughout last season's NHL lockout, not playing in World Cup of Hockey, the past two world championships and for any European league. Bertuzzi will attend the Olympic orientation camp help in Kelowna, British Columbia and he will also be eligible to play in Vancouver's opening game on October 5, 2005 against Gretzky and the Phoenix Coyotes. [Read More!]
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