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29 January

Dany Heatley makes his return

It was about four months ago when Dany Heatley and the hockey world were mourning the tragic death of fellow Atlanta Thrasher, Dan Snyder. Snyder perished in a car accident with his best friend Heatley, behind the wheel. With his return to the NHL last night, Dany Heatley has certainly shown that he has recovered from the physical injuries suffered in that accident. I didn't see any reporters question him about his complete state of mind, but one can imagine what he felt putting on the Thrashers jersey with a commemorative number 37 stitched on the chest.
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19 January

Officiating in the NHL

For the 80+ years that the NHL has been around, there have always been complaints about the refereeing. It is a given that hockey is a fast moving game and referees are human, but the quality of the officiating is leaving a lot to be desired. Since the 2 referee system was installed, a lot of inexperienced officials have been pushed to the NHL before they were probably ready. The NHL either needs to keep an officiating crew together, much like baseball, or it needs to go back to the one referee so that we can get some consistency.
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07 January

Owen Nolan has a close call

Toronto Maple Leafs forward Owen Nolan had a close call over the weekend, taking a high stick in the eye area. Nolan was clipped near the eye by a high stick from Jay McKee during Saturday night's 3-3 tie with the Buffalo Sabres and left the ice for the hospital. He got 15 stitches above the eye and recently had a laser eye procedure to mend the tear in his retina. The Maple Leafs have had previous experience with serious eye injuries. In 2000 defeseman Bryan Berard had a serious eye injury in a game against the Ottawa Senators. Berard retired for a while and returned to the NHL last year, sporting a speical contact lense and with only partial vision in the one eye. [Read More!]
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02 January

AHL/NHL try out new 'blue line'

The NHL in conjunction with the American Hockey League (AHL) tried out a blue line that was three feet wide. This was supposed to speed up the game...did anyone catch the AHL games that featured these modified blue lines? How did they affect the flow of the game?
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