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25 July

Former NHL'er alleges widespread steroid use in the NHL

Former NHL tough guy Andrei Nazarov said in an interview with a Russian newpaper that drug use is rampant in the NHL, espcecially within the enforcers. He also railed on the league for having a very ineffective drug testing policy. These comments come after WAPDA chief Dick Pound made waves with his allegations last year and the near miraculous record the NHL put forth in its first year with drug testing - zero positive tests. The league was quick to rebuke Nazarov's comments and came back with its usual "everything's under control here" attitude. [Read More!]
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04 July

Yzerman calls it quits; Roy inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame

Steve Yzerman ended his 22-year career with the Detroit Red Wings of the NHL by announcing his retirement as a player. He ends his very distinguished career with three Stanley Cup rings and as the captain of the Red Wings for the last 20 years. Steve Yzerman suffered through some injuries over the last couple of years, but had adapted his game with his abilities in the later years. His leadership is hard to quantify but it touched those who played with him. On the other hand, his 1755 career points put him 6th all-time in NHL scorine. Stevie Y should be a first ballot Hall of Famer. [Read More!]
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