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21 December

Canada's Olympic hockey team unveiled in Vancouver

In a ceremony held at GM Place in Vancouver, British Columbia, the Canadian men's and women's Olympic teams were announced. The men's team includes many players from the 2002 Olympic Gold Medal winning team and the 2004 World Championship squad. The most significant player left off the team is the Penguins rookie sensation Sidney Crosby. The complete Canadian men's team is as follows: [Read More!]
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U.S. mens Olympic hockey team announced

In a low key ceremony held in St. Paul, Minnessota, United States men's Olympic hockey general manager Don Waddel announced the team in a televised program. The roster includes a mix of youth and experience, though the American program is clearly going through a major transition. The team includes: [Read More!]
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20 December

Mario Lemieux has another heart scare

Mario Lemieux has been sidelined indefinitely after his irregular heartbeat problem returned during a game last week against the Buffalo Sabres. Earlier this month on December 7th, the 40 year old Lemieux was hospitalizedand diagnosed with atrial fibrillation, a heart condition that causes his pulse to dramatically increase at times. Lemieux has also ruled himself out of the Canadian national hockey team for the upcoming 2006 Turin Winter Olympics. [Read More!]
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