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17 October

Brett Hull calls it a career

After playing just 5 games into his 19th NHL season, Brett Hull announced his retirement on Friday. The circumstances around his sudden retirement are unfortunate, as he was off to a slow start and looked somewhat out of place in this "new NHL". Brett Hull ends his career with 741 regular season goals, only Wayne Gretzky and Gordie Howe have scord more often in NHL history. He played with the Calgary Flames, St. Louis Blues, Dallas Stars, Detroit Red Wings and Phoenix Coyotes over his great hockey career - winning two Stanley Cups with the Stars and Red Wings. [Read More!]
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14 October

Avery accused of uttering racial slur

Los Angeles Kings forward Sean Avery is no stranger to controversy - usually due to his "chatty" demeanor. There have been several cases in the recent past where he has found himself in hot water after making questionable comments. The latest in this saga is an allegation by Edmonton Oilers forward George Laraque that Avery made a racial slur towards him in an game earlier this week. George who is black, maintains that he was verbally abused by Sean Avery including the use of the slur "monkey". [Read More!]
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05 October

Exciting times as NHL opens 2005-06 season

The NHL opens its 2005-06 regular season tonight with all 30 teams playing in their first game since the league became the first major professional sports league to cancel a complete season because of a nasty labour conflict. We now have a brand new economic landscape with a $39 million salary cap for each team and what looks like a bit more parity during the most recent free-agent season. The league will also be enforcing a new set of rules (or a better adherence to what's long been in the rule book) that may lead to a long parade to the penalty box if the the players do not adjust. The rules will likley help some of the talented players like Mario Lemieux, Jaromir Jagr, Jerome Iginla and Joe Thornton. Super rookies like Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin will have ample opportunities to showcase their talents and are likely to succeed. [Read More!]
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