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30 July

Bob Goodenow steps down

About a week after the National Hockey League and its players association agreed upon a collective bargaining agreement, the head of the NHLPA, Bob Goodenow, announced that he was stepping down. His second in command, Ted Saskin, was promoted from his senior director position to replace Goodenow. The most popular question being asked is whether Bob Goodenow "jumped" or was "pushed" out of his position. It is a known fact that Goodenow was a hardliner, dead set against any sort of a salary cap or linkage to league revenues. The players executive committee may have decided to move against Goodenow and Saskin was as good a candidate as any since he is considered a key architect of the six year deal that was just signed. [Read More!]
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21 July

Players ratify labour deal

National Hockey League (NHL) players voted to ratify a six-year collective bargaining agreement that includes revenue sharing and a salary cap. The vote passed by a comfortable margin where 88% of the 550 players who voted, agreed with the recommendation of their executive committe. "We are looking forward to starting fresh with this new agreement," said NHLPA executive director Bob Goodenow, who was joined at the news conference by NHL commissioner Gary Bettman. "We are fully committed to this new deal." [Read More!]
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13 July

NHL and Union reach a tentative deal

It was over 300 days ago that the National Hockey League locked out its players at the expiration of the collective bargaining agreement. The NHL and Players' Association struck a tentative deal this afternoon on a new collective bargaining agreement that could end the hockey lockout. The deal still requires ratification by the league's board of governors and players. It should be finalized in the next week or so and only then will any details be released. We do know that the agreement is for six years includes a hard salary cap, may be re-negotiable after four years and will include a 24% rollback on existing contracts. [Read More!]
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