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22 July

Pittsburgh Penguins win Sidney Crosby stakes

The NHL board of governers ratified the new CBA and the league also held its amateur entry draft lottery. The Pittsburgh Penguins beat out the Anaheim Mighty Ducks and will pick the first overall pick in the NHL entry draft scheduled for July 30th in Ottawa. Sidney Crosby is only 17 years old right now but is regarded as the next great hockey player. The Penguins should have Mario Lemeiux in the lineup but have been focusing on getting younger players in their lineup. Crosby may soon be playing an interesting Pens team with Malkin, Fleury and Lemieux. [Read More!]
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07 July

Sean Avery lashes out at union

All expectations are that the NHL and its union are on the verge of reaching a new collective bargaining agreement. But the leaked details about the CBA are a far cry from what the players association wanted throughout last year and just prior to Garry Bettman cancelling the season. Several players have recently voiced their frustrations on the fact that an NHL season may have been lost due to posturing and poor strategic vision. Detroit Red Wings goalie and player rep Manny Legace sounded a little peeved last week and now Kings tough guy Sean Avery had some pretty harsh words for Bob Goodenow and the executive committe. "We burned a year for nothing," said Avery. "We didn't win anything. We didn't prove anything. We didn't get anything. We wasted an entire season." [Read More!]
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