Hockey Critic

26 March

NHL and Steroids

Things have been pretty quiet on the hockey front since Gary Bettman's cancellation of the 2004-05 NHL season. Yes there was that recent meeting between the league and the players, but nothing much is expected as the two sides are back to square one. So it comes as a bit of a surprise that just as the US Congress was admonishing MLB about steroids, the NHL raised its hand and fessed up to the steroid and stimulant use amongst its players. Though steroids may be associated by some with just the tough guys, stimulants (especially caffeine and ephedrine) have long histories of use in hockey. The pre-game coffees aren't of concern, but we have all heard about Sudafed being just as easily available in locker rooms as Gatorade. Now the question is, was the NHL being sincere about wanting to clean up its house or was it just looking for some publicity?
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