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24 June

WHA stumbles right out of the gates

The World Hockey Association (WHA) seems to be on the rocks as two potential franchises dropped out of the race. The two teams from Florida (Jacksonville and Orlando) will no longer be part of the WHA. The league had recently made news by announcing 6 teams for the upcoming season. Along with the two Florida cities, Halifax, Quebec City, Detroit and Dallas were supposed to be in with Toronto and Hamilton showing interest. It will be interesting to see whether the league is able to overcome this loss and put together a product for this next season. This would be their only chance to get off to a good start as it looks like there might not be any hockey from the NHL.
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20 June

Penguins could move unless Pittsburgh gets new arena

Penguins owner and Hall of Famer Mario Lemieux has made it quite clear that the team could be sold and moved if a new arena is not built in Pittsburgh. Among the cities known to be seeking an NHL franchise are Houston, Texas; Kansas City, Missouri; Portland, Oregon; Sacramento, California; Hartford, Connecticut, and Winnipeg, Manitoba. The Penguins current lease at the Mellon Arena expires in 2007 and the team would likely want assurances in the near future before seeking buyers.
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