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18 April

Canadiens show zeal despite player antics

The first-round playoff series for the Montreal Canadiens hasn't been easy. They have clearly outplayed the Boston Bruins but barely find themselves in it, tied 3-3 going back to Boston. Even though Alexi Kovalev now leads all playoff scorers with 5 goals, his giving up on the play while looking for a penalty in Game 4 surely cost the Canadiens that game. The game before saw Mike Ribeiro perform his own version of the Hollywood casting couch right on the Bell Centre ice in Montreal. On a glancing blow from Mike Knuble, Ribeiro lay on the ice, kicking his feed and writhing in agony. He miraculously became better once the whistle blew and even mocked the Bruins bench as he skated off. Hopefully when its all said and done, there will be more to say about this series than the excessive diving, faking and embelishment of injuries.
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07 April

The REAL hockey season begins!

NHL playoffs started this evening, the culmination of a hard fought regular season. Looking back, this was probably one of the closest regular seasons in NHL history with numerous teams breaking the 100 point mark and the Eastern Conference in a perverbial log-jam. I am looking forward to see how some of the marquee matchups play out. Might be the last hockey we see for a while.
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