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12 December

Mike Comrie saga continues

The latest news in the Mike Comrie saga is the most intriguing to date. It has been reported that Kevin Lowe and the Oilers reached a deal with the Anaheim Mighty Ducks, but Lowe then came back and asked Comrie to personally pay the Oilers around $2.5 million to "top-off" the deal. I don't know if Lowe is kidding or trying something novel, but imo this sounds ridiculous. If Lowe doesn't feel that the trade with Anaheim is adequate enough (and that Comrie must make up the difference), then don't do it. No one is forcing Edmonton to trade Comrie (except for their record). This saga also brings about yet another one of my pet peeves...why is it that no NHL team has looked at signing Comrie as a restricted free-agent. Sure there will be draft picks going to Edmonton, but come on, I can't believe that none of the 29 other NHL teams would mind getting a seasoned first/second line NHL player for a few future prospects.
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06 December

NHL Princes and Paupers

Most people are surprised to hear that the Minnesota Wild are one of the more successful NHL franchises when it comes to profits. This comes as a surprise of many of us who still remember the last days of the North Stars before they moved south to Dallas. But as per Forbes magazine it seems that even a small market team can make money as long as it keeps control over player salaries, has some corporate support, a new arena and an unexpected run in the playoffs. The net result is a four year old franchise worth $166 million, with an operating profit of around $20 million, from revenues of $79 million. At the opposite end of the specutrum were the St Louis Blues, $29.4 million in the red. [Read More!]
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