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30 October

Damn hockey pool...

Getting killed in my hockey pool. What the heck is going on with the Colorado Avalanche? One would think that with all their talent they'd be scoring by the bucketfull. Alas, it seems like the more time I spend preparing, the worse I do :(
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22 October

How long will this last?

After watching a handful of NHL games over the last week and a half; I must say that I was initially impressed. What followed was disappointment that the game had been allowed to degrade to such an extent over the last decade.

But this new crackdown on obstruction might start hitting a few snags in the near future. Refereeing is bound to come into question as some refs are calling everything while others are reverting to what they've been doing for the last few years - letting the players decide. And we know how well that has worked out!
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13 October

First impressions

Watched a couple of games last week and over the weekend. Definitely a lot more penalties being called; hopefully the players and coaches will figure out that the obstruction calls are here to stay.

But the thing that has impressed me the most was the faster pace of the game. Faceoffs that used to take almost a minute are now happenning in 15-20 seconds - no more going to the bench for a new stick or circling around the dot for a while. Gives the game a much quicker feel.
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07 October

Is the good 'ole NHL ever coming back?

What was different in the NHL 10 years ago? Some teams had different uniforms, league expansion was at its infancy and oh yeah, there used to be a lot of scoring!

It wasn't far-fetched to see 10-15 one hundred point scorers at year end. Of course the truly gifted ones like Gretzky, Lemeiux, Jagr, Sakic, etc were all racking up humungous points. Expansion and the clutch and grab indoctrination saw the NHL finish last season with NO one hundred point scorer. A team like the Chicago Blackhawks had Eric Daze as their leading point getter with a measely 70 points (that's what 3rd line players used to get not too long ago!).

At the beginning of this year's training camp the NHL had a conference of elders in Toronto. The league gathered the coaches, GMs and officials in a hotel conference room to get a grip on all the clutching and grabbing. Lo and behold, we had a proclamation that from henceforth all obstruction on the ice will be called in the form of penalties. Of course the NHL has said this before on numerous occasions only to renege a few games into the regular season.

It will be interesting to see if they have grown a backbone this time around.
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05 October

Its that time of the year again.

October is upon us. Baseball playoff are in full swing, NFL is going well and the NHL season is set to begin; so this could only mean one thing - hockey pool time. After completing a lengthy draft in my hockey pool I can safely say that nothing gets you excited about the game than the hockey pool/rotesserie league. There is just something about researching players and picking them for your team that gets you looking forward to the upcoming season.

Hopefully there won't be much to complain about this year!
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03 October

The dopes at CBC... [part 2]

Well whaddaya know, CBC came to their senses and signed Ron MacLean. All it took was a quick call from Labatt who had the foresight to realize that CBC was letting go the cornerstone of their prime property (Coach's Corner). Let's see some heads roll at CBC!
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