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30 September

The dopes at CBC....

Hockey Night in Canada- say that to any average Canadian and they will respond with varied memories of watching their favourite team on a Saturday night. What probably comes close behind is Coaches Corner- a truly Canadian show starring Don Cherry and Ron MacLean that keeps people in front of their TVs during the first intermission. Today we learned that that Ron MacLean, an integral part of the Hockey Night in Canada crew will not be back due to a contract dispute.

It is not surprising that CBC (a crown corporation) with a huge budget funded by the taxpayer just can't recognize a good thing if it hit them in the face. After wasting millions every year of tax payer dollars on worthless programming, they are ready to break up their most profitable venture over what amounts to peanuts.

Once again viewers (who are also the taxpayers) are the one who will suffer. Time to clean house at the CBC!
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24 September

NHL Preseason

The NHL preseason grind continues...more players are getting hurt. Pavel Bure being the latest casualty, out atleast two weeks after his upcoming arthroscopic knee surgery.
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